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I'm a natural light photographer based out of West Richland, Washington. I love the sagebrush, rivers, and I’m going to say it…even the wind (think wind machine and cue the model music), that the Tri-Cities offers. My heart is to capture connection. Personalities. Emotion. The joy. The silliness. The disgruntled teenager… there really is no wrong answer here, let’s call it a safe zone. I want my images to speak for themselves. To tell the story. 

My parents would tell you I have always been wise beyond my years… I would just say that at an early age I learned that life is short, little moments matter, and that time should be spent intentionally. Have I done that all wisely? No. But I’m working on it…Soaking up my own kiddos and loving on my husband is all my joy. The moments are stacking up to a beautiful life and I am so blessed to be living this dream.

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"Robyn puts you at easy from the very beginning! She has an eye for capturing life in print, creating a beautiful keepsake. Her patience working with kids (and grownups!) is awesome, and she makes the entire experience fun! Real talent with this lady, and a pleasure to work with!"

Cassandra Smith

"She exceeded my expectations!"

Robyn really knows how to bring the best out in your family. I could not believe how incredibly patient she was with our crazy kids but also just blown away with her vision and being able to bring that to life with a picture! Exceeded my expectations!   

Tim Krantz

"she shows genuine compassion"

We had Robyn take our daughters Senior pictures. She was very professional and the quality of the photos were far beyond our expectations. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for someone that truly takes the time and shows genuine compassion for their work.

Josh A.

my loves





He’s ornery with a side of sweet. He’s a leader, handyman, and hands down best Dad ever. Some days he rolls as my second and groomsmen wrangler. 

He’s the intense one. With a soft spot for his Mom. Third in command and all little man. His jack-o-lantern smile melts my heart every time. 

The little middle. Animal lover, master builder, and the glue that holds our kiddos together. His mischievous smile can’t be matched.

The jokester. Heart melter, thumb sucker, and lover of snacks. She has a propensity for pretty shoes, pink, and glitter. Her older brothers are being trained to fight. 

my story

I have always been a collector of little sentimental things. In my home I have boxes of love notes that go back as far as the fourth grade. My Popa’s flannel shirt, that still smells like him, sits on my living room shelf. Pictures fill our home and flood our memories in every room. 

These little moments tell a tale. The memories in that box have shaped my life, slowly making me, me. When I grab my camera, it is in search of those moments. The story of the people around me. I love the story being built off of connection. This is the story I love to cherish personally, and why I pushed so hard to learn the art of photography, so I could remember my kiddos and help them to have these memories preserved too…

I hope that the images I take will be a gift of love to my kids and their kiddos too. That is what I want my art to be. The storyteller of my life. And yours too. Life is so beautiful. Remember it.  

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