the wedding experience

Here are some of my sweet couples and their special days… when I look back on these I just love seeing the joy that these days were filled with. Celebrating with your loved ones is the best!! Getting all dressed up, dancing the night away, and running off with the love of your life doesn’t get much better.

First things first: Let’s be friends. Friends that start off with a cup of coffee. I believe in starting things off right after all… so let’s get together and see if we are a good fit. Like chips and salsa.

I. Let's Be Friends

save the date ⟶

the process

Second date: We are crushing~ so let’s save your wedding date! Even if you don’t know all that you want in your package let’s reserve your date and go steady ;)

2. Save the Date

your engagement session ⟶

the process

You’re engaged! Let’s celebrate and really get to know each other! I love to give all my couples and engagement session. I help every step of the way to make this fun, stress free and gorgeous! This makes your wedding day a breeze because you already know all my moves. We’ve already tangoed together and made some beautiful images.

3. You're Engaged!

the timeline ⟶

the process

I help you with a custom timeline for your wedding day so you know I can capture all that is important to you. Helping you on what it takes to get the images you dream of is all a part of my job and I love it! 

4. The Timeline

the wedding day ⟶

the process

IT’S here!! Ohhhh man!! I love this part! I show up with a smile, an emergency kit, and all the chill vibes so you can just ENJOY your day! That is what this day is all about. No stress. Just smiles, tears, laughter and walking out of that beautiful venue married!!! To the one who makes your heart skip!! I’ll be there crying and smiling all day with you!

5. Your Special Day

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the process